From CALB China:

  • Battery Pack: 48 CALB CAM72 lithium ion batteries. 9.2 kWh usable (80% DoD). 42.4 litres, 94 kg. 40% smaller and 20% lighter than CA or SE series batteries, but 48 cells (144V controller) needed to get enough kWh for approx 88 km range. 154V nominal.


Note: Seems that the CAM80 isn’t currently available. The smaller but taller CAM72 will fit better anyway, and the power density is slightly better.

I read that the engine bay is 730×730-ish, so had a look with 700×700 and it should fill up about half the engine bay, so hopefully that means we can keep the weight low and between the wheels. If we can use the full 730 mm it could be as easy as 2 rows of 24 cells (30 mm x 24 = 720 mm) .

From Thunder Struck EV USA:

  • Motor: AC35 144V. 62 kW. 128 Nm. 38.5 kg. A little shorter than the AC5x but 95% of the power for 73% of the weight. Adequate continuous power rating for 100 kph+ cruising. Lower torque than AC5x may be a better fit for the lightweight Beat transmission.


  • Controller: Curtis 1239-8501 144V (packaged with motor) with EV West chill plate and DIY rear-mounted liquid cooling system. As a bonus, this 144v controller is isolated unlike earlier systems so should be safer and simplify the wiring. It also has fault detection in case the motor shorts to ground. Motor and controller should run to around $4200 USD plus shipping.

Curtis 1239E


From EV West USA:

  • 12V DC-DC converter: 400 Watt isolated DC-DC converter (108V-216V).
  • Controller chill plate.
  • J1772: Inlet (separate J1772 controller not needed with Current Ways charger).

From Orion BMS USA:

  • Battery Management System: Orion BMS. 48 cells isn’t so many to wire, and it directly supports both the HPEVS Curtis controller and the Current Ways charger via CAN bus. Even better, CHAdeMO looks like an (unofficial) option now.  It’s another $1k worth of parts (inlet and contactor) and another $5k for the EMW 20kW offboard charger and interface, but in NZ this could be a game changer. Nice to have the option later. Also, this BMS has isolation fault detection, so should comply with Electric & Hybrid Vehicles 75-00(00) section 2.4(1)(f).

I’ve had a CAM72 sent from EVTV to Ewert Energy Systems so they can come up with a battery profile for the BMS.


Orion BMS

  • Display: OEM Fuel gauge showing battery state of charge. We’ll probably run a Bluetooth adapter for the CAN bus as well, to send data to Torque on a phone (maybe a small tablet mounted in the console).

From Current Ways USA:

  • Charger: Current Ways 3kW liquid cooled charger.Sealed, J1772 support, CAN bus, Orion BMS compatibility, and high current output to support charging at lower voltages. Plus the guys there are super friendly and helpful.


Charger Note: The Elcon chargers have relatively limited output current capability, so that means Manzanita 20/30 or EMW SC12 are worth a look. On the plus side, both have native J1772 support although it sounds like EMW doesn’t use the proximity pin, while on the negative side, there’re not galvanically isolated and I’ve read of people getting a tingle from the door handle, which isn’t good. So, swinging back to safety over current ratings.

Larger Elcon chargers as well as Zivan NG5 were considered, but I keep coming back to the Brusa NLG513 despite the 3.3 kW and 12.5A limit, due to it’s design and built-in J1772 support. OTOH, the value isn’t great because the 513 can only use 84% of the energy from a standard 10A household plug, let alone a 30A EVSE…  if only it could push more current.

I think the sealed liquid cooled one makes sense, and the controller cooling loop can be reused. The BMS and J1772 integration are both simple and well documented, while the cheaper Elcon appears to be more complicated and needs a J1772 controller added. Reduced parts count for the win.

From Metric Mind USA:

  • Brake Vacuum Pump: MES 70/6E which has an altitude limit we could hit on the desert road, or the taller and more expensive MES 70/6E2. Plumbing for the brake booster goes to the back of the car anyway, so the taller option is OK to fit, but the smaller one should work just fine for this car. Only 1.3 kg.

MES 70-60E vac pump

Bosch PAD pump


From Electric Car Parts Company:


Inline water heater


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