Watanabe and Ecopia

Replaced the questionable 14″ wheels with correctly sized 13/14 staggered set of RS Watanabe rims with Bridgestone Ecopia NH100C tyres. All ex-Japan.



Fitted up the electronic handbrake this weekend. The silver button is the handbrake switch. Still need some custom cables… Thought I could use the old ones but the actuator needs to sit too far forward and then hangs too low  for this to work. 

Also learned about Rivnuts and PlusNuts – much easier than welding nuts to thin metal in tight places, and lets the mounted part sit closer to the surface. 

Weight matters

We’ve got a lightweight fibreglass bonnet under way now. The main aim being to offset the extra kilos of the front battery pack. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out, but if nothing else it’ll be significantly lighter than the stock steel one.

Big thanks to Carboglass for this one.


Turns out that this welding caper means brackets and fabrication are fairly easy. Lots to learn though, like don’t use that zinc coated massively overpriced product from Mitre 10. Steel & Tube have the good stuff for a fair price.

First cut at front battery box supports is shown here, reusing existing bolt holes. Might have to do it again to make it pretty, but it’s good enough to move on with and takes my weight without complaint.