Maybe worth spending a bit extra to tidy the interior. There’s useful space in front of the shifter, and the DIN radio has to go, so what to replace it with?

First and obvious choice is a Honda / Gathers factory radio & media player plus speakers:



That looks good, but it implies that the Curtis 840 round gauge lives elsewhere. Probably a gauge pod hanging off the cluster, the steering column, an air vent, the A-pillar, or in the glove-box.

We’d also need a cellphone cradle for navigation and BMS / Torque display.

One other audio option is a JBL or Fusion marine radio. Fits but looks a bit hacky. Probably no room for the  840 either. It is cheaper though.

Other display options, bearing in mind daylight visibility:

  • Android device with e-ink display, probably an Onyx device. No GPS though. Maybe no room for 840.
  • OLED 4d systems smart display with bespoke programming and support hardware. it would be pretty, but a reasonable amount of work for a small thing.
  • Arduino with e-ink, VFD, OLED, or transflective LCD display.
  • ScanGauge II

Probably the most “normal” looking setup is the Gathers radio with vent-clip phone cradle, and a steering-column mounted 840 with the menu button on the side, but I ended up fitting a Rockford Fosgate PMX-2 marine headunit:


Other bits:

Would be cool to fit some LRR tyres in factory spec size (ex Japan) once the old tyres wear out…  http://www.bridgestone.co.jp/personal/tire/ecopia/pz_xc/

Wheels could be returned to factory size with some Watanebe Minilite-style wheels.

New convertible top by Robbins is a similar price to repairing the old one.

2 thoughts on “Extras

    • Hi Matt. Thanks for posting. Good call – I fitted a “Rockford Fosgate PMX-2 Punch Marine Compact AM/FM/WB Digital Media Receiver” with a bit of fibreglass work on the centre console. It’s just visible in the build pics but I’ll post one here.


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