Boot tidied up

There was a small rust hole and a lot of corrosion in the boot so I figured that was a good place to learn to MIG weld. It came up OK in the end after a few coats of paint.



Bluetooth OBD2


Bluetooth OBD2 interface to broadcast the data on the CAN Bus that links the motor controller, BMS, and Charger. Data will be displayed by Torque App on running on Android. Screen layout TBD but here’s a starting point…


Motor seems to fit

We test-fit the motor yesterday. Only gotchas were the tach cable coming out of the motor, and some interference with the passenger-side cast motor mount. Both can be resolved with a Dremel. Pics to come.


As they say, measure twice, cut once.


Somewhere during the process I inverted the layers and we got a nice plate of aluminium that’s exactly backwards. Oops. Also, bolt holes for the motor were specified too small, and I provided incorrect thread pitch detail on the mating bolt holes. Another detail was it needing a bit of clearance around the drive shaft. We’ll do it again properly.

On a positive note, the Robbins top arrived. I spec’d Stayfast Canvas rather than PVC… looks good but will fit it after the more serious work is done.