More goodies arrived

Another box of parts arrived yesterday.

  • DC converter (replaces alternator to power the 12V systems and charge the battery, more or less)
  • EV West motor controller cooling plate.
  • Cables from controller to motor.
  • J1772 inlet.

Picked up a Momo steering wheel adapter (spline to 6-bolt) as well, to allow fitting of an after-market steering wheel and/or thumb-buttons. A cheap but ADR approved SAAS Moderna wheel is coming (looks very similar to OMP Cromo), and some Sparco thumb buttons are on their way too. They’ll be used for increasing/decreasing the regen on-the-fly, and is pretty similar to the way it’s done on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with paddles. Should make it more drivable around Wellington.

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