Job #1: Winching

The car arrived on Saturday, and the delivery driver did an awesome job of rolling it off the truck and up the driveway. Still, it was 5 meters or so uphill and around the corner to get it in to the garage.

I picked up a little 12V ATV winch and pulley (snatch block) from Super Cheap Auto, along with trusty tow rope and shackles I had for the Range Rover, as well as hammer drill, concrete bits, and some Ramset AnkaScrews.

The winch was screwed in to the concrete at the back of the garage with a couple of 8 mm anchors. The pulley went in to the concrete at the front of the garage with a pair or 10 mm anchors. We looped the tow strap around the Beat undercarriage as per the Japanese workshop manual and ran the cable out to the car.

I think we were nearly at the limits of the winch capacity but it pulled the little Beat up the hill slowly and surely nonetheless.

Once at the top of the drive we had to shorten the tow strap and do a straight pull into the garage.

So that’s the hard part done. Now we just need to convert it to electric power. 😉

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