Front end emptied

We made some progress with emptying the front end. Removed the spare tyre, jack, metal plate, radiator, A/C condensor, and assorted hoses. Probably the only tricky part was decompressing the A/C… all I can say is it’s wise to wear protection and two layers of gloves.

Initial estimate is 30+ kg of weight was removed, which is about 14 cells up front, plus battery box, brake vacuum pump, and water heater. Lots of handy bolt holes and such for mounting battery box and brackets for the pump and heater.

It’s tempting to save another 8.7 kg with a Back Yard Special bonnet (and 5.3 kg on the boot), but we’ll see how the funds hold out…

Rear covers are off, as is the boot. Also, the softtop has been removed and will be replaced with a new Robbins top.


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