Rear loom is out

I’ve totally removed the rear wiring loom, which is mostly about the engine and ECU, but also lights and fuses, etc. I’ll have to remove the circuits we don’t need and splice it together with the DC-Converter, BMS, and Motor Controller where appropriate.


2 thoughts on “Rear loom is out

  1. Great to see such rapid progress! At this rate we might see it driving by the end of the summer! Keep it up. By the way, I just discovered that the 144v controller has a few extra features that my 108v one doesn’t, such as an economy mode switch (which Hans used when he won the economy rally)


  2. Cheers Brent. It’s amazing the number of parts and how much complexity is being removed from the car. Yeah, the new controller looks pretty trick, so hopefully we can take advantage of the new features. Was Hans using it with the AC-35 as well? Any idea about performance in economy mode?


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