Batteries arrived

The CALB CAM72 lithium batteries arrived in the driveway today. Really impressed with how compact these things are.


2 thoughts on “Batteries arrived

  1. These cells are a significant improvement over previous large format cell! While only half the C rating of pouch cells like Enerdel and A123, they are 50% more energy dense (by weight) and 30% more energy dense (by volume). Same price as Enerdel and half the price of A1213. To top it off, there are rumours of a 25Ah version which would directly compete with high voltage packs made from pouch cells (Enerdel at 15Ah and A123 at 19Ah). Not sure how available that is though. CALB don’t claim such a high cycle life or DOD so pouch cells may still have the edge for high performance cars.


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